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Everything you need to know about retiring at Halliday Shores

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions and answers about Halliday Shores Retirement Village for you.

But if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us (click here)

Q: How far is Halliday Shores from Sydney?
A: About three and a half hours drive from Sydney.

Q: How close to the beach?
A: It’s a short, gentle stroll to the shore

Q: How far are the nearest shops?
A: Literally just across the road from Halliday Shores.

Q: How far is the nearest doctor, medical centre and hospital?
The nearest GP and medical centre is just 500 m away from our village. The nearest community and private hospitals are 15 minutes away in Forster.

Q: What are the nearest towns?
A: Tuncurry ( pop 6000 ) is just 12 minutes down the road and Forster ( pop: 18,500) is 15 minutes away. To the north, Taree ( pop 18,000) is 20 minutes away.

Q: How many people live at Halliday Shores?
A: 292 Residents live at Halliday Shores.

Q: How many couples, singles?
A: Two thirds of our residents are couples, the other third single. Makes it a great place for new friendships and romance!

Q: Are there lots of restaurants, cafes and bars nearby?
A: Apart from our own little café and bakery at Black Head Beach, you’ll find cafes, restaurants and bars in the seaside townships of Tuncurry and Forster.

Q: Does Halliday Shores have ageing-in-place?
A: Yes. We actively encourage and support you in continuing to live independently in the home and community you love. All the practical help you may ever need is delivered in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Q: What social activities are available?
A: Halliday Shores is a hive of social activity. Check out the ‘5 Star Amenities’ section of this website.

Q: What community clubs and activities are in the local area?
A: Apart from all the the popular bush and beach activities, (walks, BBQ’s, picnics, ocean swimming pool), there’s the local Black Head Beach ‘bowlo’ and the Tallwoods International Golf Course.

Q: What amenities does Halliday Shores provide?
A: Halliday Shores offers a wonderful range of what we proudly call ‘5 Star’ amenities from our heated indoor swimming pool and spa to our gym, hair-dressing salon, library, internet room and our own exclusive lifestyle club.

Q: Can we bring our pets?
A: Yes – providing, of course, they are quiet and friendly.

Q: Is there parking for our winnebago?
A: Yes. In fact winnebagos are so popular here we’ve temporarily run out of free onsite parking spaces, but not to worry, we’ve organised free, secure parking nearby and we’ll put you on our short list for an onsite park when it becomes available.

Q: Will I be able to sell my home if I want/need to?
A: Being so close to the beach and set in such a popular retirement community, homes at Halliday Shores are becoming increasingly sought after.

Q: Will you help me sell my existing home?
A: Certainly. We’ll not only arrange a free valuation of your existing home by a registered valuer, we’ll also work with your real estate agent and help you with Open Days and the marketing of your home. We’ll even help organise your packing and storage and if you sell before your new apartment is completed, we’ll provide you a rent-free place here in our community or close by. We’ll also give you a $2000 interest-free ‘Advertising &Promotional’ loan to help bring your home up to presentation standard and promote it in your area. * ( Terms & conditions apply).

Q: Do the owners live in the community?
A: Halliday Shores CEO Mark Dixon is usually onsite 1 day per week.

Q: Do the residents have a say in the running of the community?
A: Unlike other retirement villages, Halliday Shores really does belong to its residents! We even have our own elected “Residents’ Committee’ that works closely with the owners and management to create the kind of community we want.

Q: Is my home maintenance free?
A: Absolutely. We look after everything from washing down your windows and walls regularly to mowing your lawns and trimming the hedges in your garden.

Q: How far away is the nearest airport/bus/train station?
A: The nearest local airport and train station are at Taree, 20 minutes away. We have our own village bus that goes weekly to Taree or Forster/Tuncurry.

Q: What is the weather like?
A:As the locals say, the climate here is “glorious one day, beautiful the next!”– mostly sunny 18 -26 degrees year-round.

Q: How many people live at Halliday Point?
A: Approx 3,200.

Q: Do I need a car to live there?
A: You don’t really need a car to live at Halliday Shores as most of the everyday grocery shops, Post Office, cafe etc are just across the road , the local GP is just 500m away, and our free community bus goes to Taree and Forster / Tuncurry weekly.

Q: Is there a range of floor plans for the villas?
A: Yes. Please see our ‘Floor plans’ section under ‘Luxury villas’ in this website.

Q: Do the owners of Halliday Shores have much experience at running retirement villages?
A: Halliday Shores founders and owners, Mark Dixon and Ron Dobler bring over four decades of retirement village experience with them. Mark Dixon is one of Australia’s most awarded and experienced retirement village developers with a highly-successful financial management background while Ron Dobler was one of this country’s pioneers of retirement living.